Struggling in Artist Life /  Starving Artist

Struggles in Artist Life

We all adore artists, with all their majestic swag and lifestyle. We have even idolized some based on their talent and originality. The thing about being an artist is that you only matter when you have made it. The artist goes through a lot of hustle and tussles before conquering the global audience and becoming recognized for their work. In this article, we look at some of the struggles faced by every artist out there before they make it and even after they make it. We hope this shines some light on the lives of our artists and maybe help you appreciate their career and the work they put into it.


Talent nurturing

This is the biggest problem every artist has. With many people already having expectations about us right from when we are kids, it becomes hard to nature your talent as you grow up.  In many modern societies, their educational curriculum allows for primary education and still provides room for skill advancement. In the rest of the world, especially underdeveloped nations, children are forced into careers that they are not interested in. Many artists have had their careers suppressed because of the expectations their parents or guardians impose on them, ultimately killing their talent.


Financial support

Artists often have it had to finance their endeavors, especially those that have no stable source of income. Talents, like any other entity, needs funding to stay afloat and advance. Take a painter for example, for their talent to thrive; they need to invest in a lot of painting materials like brushes and paints. If a child is interested in painting, his/her parents are most likely to decline to buy these products as they see it as a waste of time that might have been used studying.



For an artist to make the most out of their talent, they need exposure, and only to the right audience. Most upcoming artists have it hard since they do most of their work on their own, with little assistance. An artist often lacks people to give them guidance on how to manage their career.  They are left to learn through observation and guesswork, which in most times results in undesired outcomes. If authorities at least established organizational structures to cater for artist management, then talent world have been a respected field.



It is very easy for an upcoming urban musician to behave like the big artists they see on TV, depleting all their funds and being broke in a matter of days. This is pure ignorance as by doing this, they gauge themselves on the level of the artist that have made it. Young or upcoming artist need to know that things don’t come easy and they need to be smart when it comes to building their career.


Mentioned above are some of the struggles faced by artists especially before their talent fruitions. With proper guidance and intelligent thinking from our artists, the industry would grow and receive more respect from the people. More respect from the people means a larger audience that the future generations of artist can thrive and advance.

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    What you have to say is very true. Being in touch and having a strong sense of purpose is a particular point. If you choose to be famous you can never be indifferent to certain truths that are your foundations and how you root your being

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