Frequently Asked Questions

For Customers:

Q1: I am looking for Marathi Celebrity management companies in Mumbai & Pune, can you provide us?

Yes we are Marathi Celebrity Management company and we do provide all Marathi Celebrities.

Q2: I am looking for Bollywood celebrity management companies in India, can you provide us?

Yes we are Bollywood Celebrity Management company and we do provide all Bollywood Celebrities

Q3: I am looking for Sports celebrity management companies in India, can you provide us?

Yes we are Sports Celebrity Management company and we do provide all Sports Celebrities

Q4: You say that, you only take 10% fee of every transaction to match the buyer and artist

  • Yes, we only take the 10% of every successful transaction as we do believe that taking 15-20% fee like current players in the market is a rip off.

Q5: What if I need an artist and it is not in your database?

In that case, just share your details by a message on whatsapp +919822819666 or  write to us at

Q6: Can I get a combination of artist provided in your database?

Generally, all are professional artist, however do share your requirement with us, it would be our pleasure to find the perfect combination for you.

Q7: You are saying that operating with you is almost risk free for the client booking an artist and vice versa, how do you verify that?

  • We request the payment for the artist right away and the payment is stored into a separate account. The money is transferred to the artist right after the show is delivered. If there is a “no show” we will provide the whole payment for you. Please note that this is a two-way street, the artist will get his/her payment as well, after the service is delivered.

Q8: What if I book the artist and he do not appear at my event?

  • This is a very good and tough question and to be honest we can’t ensure that. We believe that all the artists listed in our service are professionals. In addition, due to our ranking and rating system in the site, all the clients can evaluate the artist performance including if he/she has been even in the place when requested.

Also, an artist is always eager to show their talents, so there is very minimum of chances that they will not come for the performance.

Q9:  What if event is cancelled due to natural calamities or any riots ?

In that case artist and customers will solve the issue mutually

Who will take care of artist security?

The artist security is a responsibility of the customer. They can mutually decide and come to a consent on the same.

Q10: Why are some artists’ fees changing time to time?

  • Good point and because of our service, the artist is now aware about his/her market value so they can adjust their fees according to the current demand & supply. We believe that this is more than fair as with any economic transaction.

Q11: Do you provide any event planning services or equipment for the event?

  • Our focus is only to bridge the gap  between the demand & supply and boost the artists for different events like parties , venues and from company event planning managers to parents looking for magicians. But still if you need an Event planner, we can provide you the same with an extra cost, as we have tie ups with 3rd parties for event companies.

Q12: How do you handle all the payroll and tax topics? Can I trust that the performers pay all the taxes required by the legislation as my company is really interested on this?

  • As we only match the Artist with the Event planner we don’t participate on any taxation related topics whatsoever. We are responsible for paying our own taxes while we trust that the Artist and the Event planner manage their own taxation according to their home country legislation. To make this easier for you, we are on our way to add “tips & trick information” for artists and event planners to easily take care of these topics.

For Artist:


Q1: As an artist, is it a must to place my fee into the site as it varies so much case by case and client by client?

  • We understand that there are variations for sure but to help the client in shortlisting artists it is mandatory, to help them understand and fulfil the requirement as per budget. In addition, we have also noticed that the artists who are transparent with their fees (including great ratings from the client) are booked more and so on they have could increase their fee level while working with us.

Q2: What about the terms and conditions related to the booking are those fair and am I as the Event planner or Artist protected?

  • Yes, our terms and conditions are fair we believe and are based on the general agreements of the industry. All the key information related to the booking can be found from there. It’s easy & fair.

Q3: I noticed that you are taking 5% transaction fee no matter if I pay via PayPal or paytrail, how is that and why don’t you have a transaction fee free way to pay?

  • You are spot on to ask this question and now we are developing our payment options to include the basic bank transfer which will be free of charge, please be patient on this matter  However, if paid via PayPal or paytrail we must charge the transaction fee to cover the costs on that. In the near future we will provide a possibility to pay via Klarna as well where you can get two weeks of interest free time to pay. Please do note that if you pay via basic bank transfer and if we haven’t been able to take care of the transaction fee we will pay the fee back to you right away. We hope this works for you at the moment and we are working on this matter.


 Any other questions?

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if any further questions at