There are many artists / celebrities across the world, some known some unknown it is difficult to select the perfect one.

When you book an artist / celebrity through us –

All genres of Celebrities / artist at one place

  • No need to browse through different websites, find the most suitable artist for  your event  at one place. to find out the most suitable option for you! We have large varieties of artist from different genres

Booking process is very simple

  • Booking and payment is very simple with us, the payment of artist is done post completion of event and in case of no-show, your payment is secure.
  • Rating an artist
  • You have the power to rate the artist

Receipts into your e-mail right after the booking!

  • An e-mail confirming your booking is immediately delivered to you, as soon as you book the artist.
  • Trouble free payment process to the artist.
  • Possibility to ensure that the artist you booked will get all the money he/she is entitled in a timely manner – only takes a commission of 10% out of every transaction and provides several different payment options for you!


As an artist you might wonder why to opt for an online marketing platform, mostly people use mouth-to-mouth as a marketing tool.  We do agree to this, however there is nothing wrong in using two marketing solutions.We have benefits for both Artists & Customers at Book Event Artists.

Some of the key benefits are

Why use as a promoter or as a marketing tool

No agreements

  • We only connect you with the buyers – no paperwork is involved.
  • You have the flexibility to decide your shows.

Visibility to large group of potential customers!

Increase your visibility, just by registering at no extra cost. Simple registration procedure that takes just 15-20 minutes, to upload your profile and listings.

Immediate payment after the performance.

  • No need to wait weeks or even months. Its risk free and immediate payment process is done.

Terms & conditions to protect you

  • Our terms and conditions are favorable to artists.

Listing page which you can use as a portfolio to market your artistic performance

  • You can use our profile page as a business card / portfolio which combines all the key channels to market yourself for potential customers.  – All this with just two clicks use the share button in your profile!

Only 10% of service fee for each transaction.

  • We charge a minimum amount of Our service  for every booking and joining the service is free!

Fee restrictions

  • BookEventArtist is not involved with your fee structure it’s up to you to decide your fees and to make your own schedule when you are available to provide the show!